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New Air Compressors 7/124-10/104, 14/84 and 10/124-14/114

New Air Compressors 7/124-10/104, 14/84 and 10/124-14/114

At Doosan Portable Power we know how important it is to have the right product to fit your changing needs.

DPP introduces a new StageIV platform expanding the range of Dual-Mode machines.

These models offer a wide scope of air flow/pressure combinations with “two in one” operational flexibility.

On this new StageIV platform we offer #3 versions / #5 models, meeting the needs of a variety of applications:
7/124-10/104 ; 14/84 ; 10/124-14/114


    New Compressor 7/53

    Doosan 7/53-Yanmar-Stage IIIA Air Compressor

    New 7/53 Stage IIIA Portable Compressor from Doosan

    Doosan Portable Power has launched the company’s new 36 kW 7/53 portable compressor, replacing the previous 7/51 model. The new 7/53 compressor has been redesigned by Doosan so that it remains in the Stage IIIA category, avoiding the need to transition to meet Stage IIIB regulations.