CE Air Compressors 21m³/min thru 45m³/min (dual axle)

As the world's leading manufacturer of portable compressors, Doosan Portable Power sets the standard for rugged reliability.  From high-performance airends to the most structurally sound internal components, these compressors offer impressive performance and minimal maintenance. Proven on job sites around the world, our compressors continue to offer the highest level of durability, productivity and serviceability. Our large air compressors are now Stage 3B compliant, featuring numerous product improvements all designed with your applications in mind!

Doosan Portable Power CE Air Compressors 21m³/min thru 45m³/min (dual axle) Comparison

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27 m³/min (950 cfm)
8.6 Bar (125 psig)
29.9 m³/min (1060 cfm)
8.6 bar (125 psig)
45.3 m³/min (1600 cfm)
10.3 bar (150 psi)
25 m³/min (883 cfm)
12 bar (175 psig)
23.3 m³/min (825 cfm)
17.2 bar (250 psig)
21.5 m³/min (750 cfm)
21 Bar (300 psig)
33.1 m³/min (1170 cfm)
25.1 bar (365 psi)