7/124-10/104 Cummins StageIV Air Compressor

7/124-10/104 Cummins StageIV
Free Air Delivery: 
12 m³/min (425 cfm) -
10.6 m³/min (375 cfm)
7 bar (100 psi) -
10.3 bar (150 psi)

Whatever the job, Doosan Infracore Portable Power air compressors have the solution.
Combining advanced engineering with cost-effective features, the 7/124-10/104 "Dual Mode" portable air compressor provides the ultimate in serviceability, durability and convenience.

7/124-10/104 Cummins StageIV Air Compressor

The new StageIV model 7/124-10/104 replaces the former StageIIIB 7/125-10/110 for CE territory.

The “Dual Mode” feature offers more operational flexibility as both pressure and flow can change.

While in the past a customer had to choose between different models, the “Dual Mode” offers a “two in one” solution.

By pushing the button on the key pad, the operator can switch between “LO” (low pressure mode: rated pressure 7bar / free air delivery 12m³/min) and “HI” (high pressure mode: rated pressure 10.3bar / free air delivery 10.6m³/min).

The StageIV 7/124-10/104 is fitted as standard with a bund, protecting the environment by capturing fluid spillage. Contains up to 110% of all on-board fluids and provides drains, centralised to the front panel.

With the introduction of this new StageIV version, a DEF level gauge has been added to the control panel.

The 8 button key pad allows you to start/stop, load, select HI or LO pressure mode and scroll through the MidPort.

The MidPort is an interactive digital display integrated in the tachometer. The display has 3 lines with up to 11 characters allowing access to the machine diagnostics.

7/124-10/104 Cummins StageIV Air Compressor


Free-Air Delivery - m³/min (cfm)12.0 (425) - 10.6 (375)
Rated operating Pressure - bar (psi)7 (100) - 10.3 (150)