HP1000 Zone II Air Compressor Portable

HP1000 Zone II
Free Air Delivery: 
1000 cfm (m³/min)
150 psi (bar)

The HP1000 Zone II is prepared for North Sea use, meeting the stringent regulations of the region. Containerised and with full Atex Certification the product is the leading machine of its type in the market.

‘Rig safe’ is a term commonly applied to machines prepared for use in safe areas of refineries and off-shore safe zones. Although there is no Regulation controlling the exact content of ‘rig-safe’ as a whole machine, some components may have individual certification for compliance with appropriate Regulations.

HP1000 Zone II | Offshore Portable Air Compressor

Doosan Portable Power have combined common requests into two levels of offering ‘Rig-safe’ and ‘Enhanced Rig-safe’ meeting the demands of customers from many WW regions.

Zone II compliance is a clear definition that may be achieved by a variety of paths. Most common & traditional path is pneumatic / mechanical controls, avoiding the use of electrical components. More advanced methods include the use of gas detectors and electrical equipment, pro-actively controlling the operation of the compressor.

Doosan Portable Power have both traditional and advances control methods available, for use in cradle and containerised compressors.

Doosan offer an expanding range of products specifically designed for oil & gas related applications.

HP1000 Zone II | Offshore Portable Air Compressor


Free-Air Delivery - cfm (m³/min)1000
Rated Operating Pressure – psi (bar)150
Ambient capability-10 to 45 C (15 - 113 F)
Aftercooler CTD - degC10
Noise level86dBA @ 1m
Fuel Capacity - L760